Knockout  Blackjack!

"A Non Card Counting System That Blows the Doors Off the Casinos"

"Turn $20 Into $1,000 Your First Hour of Play!"

Knockout Blackjack!

A Non Card Counting System That Blows the Doors Off the Casinos!

"Knockout Blackjack Has a Documented 96% Session Win Rate!"


“Turn $20 Into $1,000 in One Hour 
Playing Blackjack Online!”


High Roller, Lex Steiger, Reveals His Amazing Blackjack Strategy Using a Simple 1-2 Count!

Steiger’s Knockout Blackjack Rolls Over All Versions of Blackjack Offered Today in Both Land-Based and Online Casinos!


“Turn $40 into $4,000 Your 
First Day Without Fail!”




“This is the best blackjack system I have ever seen.  The ingenious ‘one-two count’ is simply amazing.

“I play mostly online and I am up over $42,000. 


“I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with me.”

Sherry C. –  Seattle, Washington




From:  Martin J Silverthorne


How would you like to turn $20 into $1,000 your first hour of play?

That’s what I did when I was first testing this strategy.  I signed On to my favorite online casino (I’ll tell you where) and deposited $20.  Just one hour later my bankroll hit $1,021!

That’s $1,000 in clear profits in one hour by anyone’s measurement!

But, that was just the start.


We have now finished long-term testing of Knockout Blackjack with 5,356 Documented Games!

Incredibly, this system achieved an unheard of 96.16% Session Rate

There is no other blackjack system like it.


Best of all, there are no hard rules to memorize and no card counting!

It is based on what Lex calls his “One-Two Count.”

Are you ready to get started?


If You Have Dreamed About Becoming a Professional Blackjack Player or if You’d Just Like to Win $5,000 a Day Sitting at Home, Knockout Blackjack is the Perfect Solution!

I am going to show you how the highly successful professional gambler, Lex Steiger, uses his simple “One-Two Count” to win a fortune playing blackjack!

It doesn’t matter where you live.  If you are in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany or South Africa, you can win a fortune playing blackjack using Steiger’s amazing Knockout Blackjack!

And, you don’t have to visit a casino to win big. Players just like you are cashing in on online blackjack using what has been called “the most effective online blackjack strategy ever created!”


If you would like to be able to win $5,000 every day then Knockout Blackjack is just what you need!

In the next few pages I am going to reveal how you can get started with just $20, win $5,000 your first day and then go on to set up a nonstop stream of winnings that you can rely on for life!



Knockout Blackjack is the System That the Casino Bosses Don’t Want You to Know About!

I first heard about this system when a casino boss, who is a friend of mine, called about a player who was “ravaging the high-limit blackjack games.”

Lex Steiger was winning so steadily that it was driving the casino bosses absolutely nuts.  I’ll tell you more about what happened in a couple of minutes, but to state it simply –

Lex Steiger was wiping them out with his Unstoppable Blackjack System!


Instant Access to Knockout Blackjack!

I have made Special Arrangements for you to have access to the system that the casino bosses fear the most!

Knockout Blackjack simply rolls over every version of blackjack offered today whether it is a land-based or online game.  

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Once You Learn the Secrets of Beating Blackjack Using the Knockout Blackjack’s “One-Two Count” You Can –  

  • Log on to any online casino (we’ll tell you where our players play and win), deposit $20 and you’ll win $1,000 in your first hour of play (we’ll show you how)! 

  • Play in your favorite land-based game and quickly move up to winning $2,576 an hour (documented winnings) as a $100 bettor! 

  • Easily beat every version of blackjack offered today, even European Blackjack!


“Knockout Blackjack is in a class by itself.  I play in two local casinos and easily win $1,000 per casino visit.

“What I like the best is that it is simple unstoppable

“I have not lost a session yet!”

Harvey S. – Gary, Indiana


Steiger’s Back in Town
I had just started watching Breaking Bad (one of the few TV shows I watch) when my cell phone rang.  I planned on letting the call go to voice mail but decided I had better answer it as I was expecting an important call from overseas.

The voice I heard on the other end was anything but calm.  It was Stan, who is a shift manager at the Bellagio.  He sounded like he was about to have a seizure.

“Your friend is back.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Your British friend, Steiger. He’s back playing and giving us hell again.  I want you to do something about it.”

Stan had called me several months ago when Lex Steiger was cleaning up at the high-limit roulette table.

“So he’s back playing roulette again,” I said, trying to sound sympathetic.

“Worse.  He’s in the high-limit blackjack pit betting $500 a hand and winning over $10,000 an hour.   Can you come over and talk him into playing somewhere else?”

I told Stan I would drive over after finishing the episode of Breaking Bad.

His last words were, “Don’t take too long.”


Steiger’s Run at the Bellagio

When I arrived I went to the high-limit playing area and met Stan.  I could see Steiger sitting with a gorgeous woman on each side of him calmly playing blackjack.

Stan filled me in.  “Steiger has been here three weeks and it’s really starting to hurt.  My boss in on my case to get rid of the guy, but I can’t find a reason to ask him to leave.”

I tried to look grim.  “No card counting or anything else you guys consider cheating going on, huh?  Why don’t you just ask him to stop playing?”

Stan glared at me.  “We don’t do that anymore.  If he is winning legitimately, I have to let him play.”

Stan explained that they had tried everything to distract Steiger including sending in beautiful shills to try to distract him.

“Is that what’s going on with the girls sitting on each side of Steiger?”

Stan frowned again.  “Yeah.  He’s been getting the Kelly treatment for two days. (Kelly was the redhead on Steiger’s right side.) He’s even taken her to dinner and god knows what else and he’s still here playing and winning.  Now he’s got Kelly betting like he is and she is winning too.”

“So your little scheme backfired on you.  Maybe she’ll invite some of her friends to play and they can take over the whole table.”

I thought Stan would have a case of apoplexy.  “That’s what I am afraid of.  That’s why I called you.  You are our only hope.”


I walked over and spoke to Lex.  “Welcome to Las Vegas.  I wish you’d let me know you were here.  Did you get tired of London’s fog?”

He looked up squinting from the glare and said,  “Yeah, yeah, needed a break from the damp.  You looking to play?”

I nodded and asked Kelly if she minded if I sat down.  She smiled, “Honey, if you are Lex’s friend then you are my friend too,” as she batted her eyes.

I played a few rounds and then Lex said, “Let’s take a break. I want to show you my new system.”

He gave Kelly and her friend a fistful of hundred dollar bills and they trotted off, happily talking as they bounced and jigged across the casino.


Winning With the 1-2 Count!

Lex was ready for a break especially when I told him that my wife, Diane, had just finished making some of her word class green chile stew. 

As we drove across town he talked about his new blackjack strategy.

“I guess you noticed I was giving the casino some fits,” he laughed as we drove.

“I noticed.  The casino manager was about ready to explode when he called me.  What were you doing anyway?  Was it some new way of card counting?”

“Nah.  I don’t even try that anymore.  It’s too hard and too unreliable.”

“Did you come up with a new betting system?  A new progression, perhaps?”

“Not that either.  But you’re getting closer.”

I braked hard as a car of teenagers almost sideswiped us.  Lex just smiled, unusually mellow for him.”

I turned back to Lex as the speeding car went on.  “Are you going to keep me in suspense.  What were you doing back there?   I watched you and couldn’t figure it out.  And, the casino didn’t have a clue.  Are you willing to share?”

“I’ll give you a clue.  Can you count to two?  Like one-two?”

“Sure.  What does that have to do with it?”

He smiled one of his rare enigmatic smiles.  “Everything.  Maybe I’ll show you after a bowl or two of Diane’s stew.”


Playing blackjack using the Knockout Blackjack Strategy is not only fun but it is really profitable.  I have always wanted to be able to clear $500 an hour in a casino and I easily do this with this strategy.

“My congratulations on an amazing performer!”

Sam T. – Comfort, Texas


Counting to Two Is All It Takes to Destroy the Casinos.

After putting away two bowls of stew, we opened a bottle of brandy and we moved to the dining room.

I went to my study and came back with several decks of cards and a notepad.

“I’m ready to learn.”

“Don’t waste any time do you?”  He shuffled the cards and handed them to me.

“Why don’t you deal and I’ll show you what I am doing.”

Before we went any further he pulled out a small card showing his playing strategy.

“Don’t use this much, but I still carry it.

I glanced at it. “I already know basic strategy.  I don’t think I need the card either.”

He smiled for the second time that day.  “You don’t know this one.  Take a look at it.”

I took another look at the card and noticed how he had simplified the number of blackjack plays.

“Pretty easy playing strategy.  Is this what you use?”

“That and the two-count.”


As I dealt him hands he talked as he played explaining how he used the “one-two” count.

He wrote down several series of numbers on the notepad and showed me how he counted his wins or losses to come up with his bets.


He pointed to the numbers he had written down.  “They are my knockout bets.  When I combine them with my simple one-two count I beat the game.”

I continued to deal and he continued to play his hands.

After about thirty minutes I thought I had it figured out. I asked him if he minded if I tried it out online in my favorite online casino.

“Go ahead.  I’m going to see if I can talk your lovely wife into one more bowl of stew.”



The Next Night We Hit the Green Valley Ranch!

Lex wanted some downtime from playing and I was sure he wouldn’t be missed at Bellagio.  He rode around with me while I ran some errands and I took him and Diane out to lunch.  Before we left I asked him if he wanted to call Kelly and he told me he was taking some time off from Kelly and he would be fine with just the two of us.

We returned to the house and I caught up on some work in my office while Lex took a walk, played with my rowdy black lab, Jack, and took a short nap.

He stuck his head in my office about 5:00 and asked if I wanted to play a little blackjack.

I had been hoping that he was in the mood.  “Have you ever played at the Green Valley Ranch?”

“No.  I never heard of it.  Does it offer decent blackjack?”

“The best games that are not in Las Vegas.”  I told him about the casino as we drove to Henderson, a town south of Las Vegas.


We arrived, I turned my car over to valet parking and we walked in and headed for the blackjack pit.

Lex bought in for $2,000 and started out making $50 bets.  I picked a table with lower minimum bets, bought in for $200 and started playing.


After about an hour of play we took a break and compared notes in the lounge.

Lex had quickly increased his bet sizes as his winnings grew.  By the time we took a break he was making $200 bets.  He piled his chips on the table and I helped him count them.  $6,132.  I asked him, “This was off your $2,000 buy-in, correct?”

“Yeah.  I cleared over $4,000.”

I pulled my chips out counted them and announced a win of $719.  Considering that I had only risked $200 this was just as impressive as Lex’s win.

He reached out and knocked on the table.  “I think I’ll play here for a while.”


I needed to return and Lex assured me that he would be fine.  “I think I’ll have my clothes and sundries moved over here for a while.”

As I was driving home I thought about Stan and gave him a call.  “I think your troubles are over for a while.  Steiger’s moved to a different joint

Stan sighed audibly.  “Just keep him out of here and I owe you big time.”


“I have been playing at two of your top picks – Green Valley Ranch and Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

“Great results for each casino.  I just finished my fifth week and I am ahead $89,000. 

“Tell Steiger to watch out, I may catch him yet (ha, ha).”

Ted K. – Arcadia, California



From $20 to $1,000 in an Hour of Online Play!

With Steiger on his own again I decided to try a little experiment.  We had had impressive results using the system at the Green Valley Ranch.  Now I decided to give the system a real workout online.

I logged on to my favorite online casino, noted the balance in my account and wrote it down.  I decided to risk just $20 of my balance and see how much I could win in an hour.

This is a very tough test for any system to pass.  With only $20 at risk a loss of any size would end my experiment.  If the system just held up for an hour that would be an achievement.  If it made money that would be even better. And, if it made a lot of money that would be a stupendous accomplishment.

I started out playing blackjack with $1 bets.  I set out to win enough at each level that I could increase the size of my base bets to the next higher level

Thirteen minutes after I started I had won enough to move up to $2 betting

I put in another seven minutes and my winnings were large enough to move up to $3 bets.

Nine minutes later I started making $5 bets!


I continued this way for one hour.  As soon as the alarm went off I stopped play.  I had turned $20 into $1,021 in one hour!

Since then I have repeated this experiment many times.  I have also had other players try it and there is no doubt in my mind –

Anyone using Knockout Blackjack only can turn $20 into $1,000 in just one hour!



How I Won $1,000 in One Hour!

I thought you might like to see the steps I took to win $1,000 in one hour. 


Here’s what happened –

I started with just $20 and as my winnings grew I moved up my level of play.  I started out as a $1 bettor and by the end of one hour I had moved up to $10 bettin 

The table below shows the steps I took to win $1,000 in one hour –


From $20 to $1,000 in One Hour

Base Bet

Bankroll Needed for this Level of Play

Hourly Win Rate Online

Win Goal

Play Time

Bankroll After Play


$20 + 20



13 minutes






7 minutes






9 minutes






8 minutes






3 minutes






20 minutes






60 minutes



While winning $1,000 in one hour with only $20 risked is an amazing accomplishment, I want to point out another fact that will make you a lot of money –

In one hour I won enough to move up to making $25 base bets. 

And, as a $25 bettor the average online win rate is $4,536 an hour.


I am not kidding about his.  

If you are willing to risk $20 and play for an hour you will have a large enough bankroll to become a $4,536 an hour winner!


If this sounds a little scary, let me bring you down to earth.

You don’t have to jump up to $25 betting right away.

Instead, you could withdraw $600 of your $1,000 winnings leaving $400 in your account.

Then, with $400 you would be fully qualified to make $10 bets


Here’s the great news about becoming a $10 player –

Making $10 Base Bets you will average winning $1,811 an hour online (based on documented long-term testing).


“Holy blackjack!  I never knew the game could be so profitable.  I have been playing online at your number one online casino.

“I feel like I’ve planted a money tree! I am averaging winning over $1,800 an hour making $10 bets!  Plus I have followed your suggestions on harvesting bonuses and I am now up to $6,000 in collected bonuses.

“When it comes to money making, Knockout Blackjack is king.”

Les R. – Long Beach, California


I’ve Worked Out a Million Dollar Deal for You!

I didn’t hear from Lex Steiger for about a week.  By then I had tried out Knockout Blackjack in two more Las Vegas casinos and racked up several more high profit sessions online.  All of the signs were there that this strategy would be devastatingly effective against all versions of blackjack available today. 

I wanted to test this system further and if it held up I wanted to share it with a few of my friends and my clients.


But before I could do this I felt like I needed to talk to Steiger again. 

Lex called on Friday night and said he was ready to leave the Green Valley Casino.  Lex had won over $120,000 playing there and ended up having a spat with a pit boss over what he said was a dealer error in paying him on a winning hand.  Lex is normally pretty cool about causing trouble and I figured he was just ready for a change.  After all, Henderson is not Las Vegas and I think that he was starting to miss Kelly.

Lex came over in a cab in time for cocktails.  Diane was gone so he and I had the house to ourselves.  We sat out on the covered patio looking at the pool and staying out of the merciless Las Vegas sun.


I broached the subject of Knockout Blackjack with Lex.   I told him what I had in mind.  I wanted to do a complete validation of the system using players who would report to me.

Then if the system held up I would release a small number of copies of the system to friends, associates and some clients.

He thought about what I had said and named his terms.

“You have got to keep the number of persons using this system low.”

I nodded.  “No problem there. I plan on using it myself and we share the same interests in not screwing up a good thing.”

“Then there is one more condition.  Do you think Diane could send some of her Green Chile Stew to London on a regular basis?  It is a highly additive concoction.”


These were terms I could live with.  However, I could tell that Lex was getting restless again. 

“I’ve got another week to stay here.  I would like to settle into a casino that offers good blackjack and is on the Las Vegas Strip.  I am starting to miss Kelly and her friends.

I finished my drink and said, “I’ll drive you over.  I know the perfect place.  You are going to love it.”


“Knockout Blackjack is fantastic!  I have been burning down the tables playing online.

“I am playing in three of your top picks.  I have been winning over $900 an hour as a $5 bettor.  This is the best moneymaking system I have ever seen!”

Linda S. – South Portland, Maine



A Night to Remember a Caesar’s Palace

There are many newer casinos in Las Vegas and many of them cater to high rollers like Lex Steiger.  However, Caesars Palace is still my favorite for high bet action.  They have been at this game a lot longer than the new comers and I knew that Lex would feel right at home.

Lex checked in, immediately got upgraded to a suite, had the bellman take care of his luggage and personal things and we headed for the cashier to make sure his credit line was set up.

After Lex had established credit at Caesars we headed for the high limit playing area.

Lex sat down at a table with $500 minimum bets.  I found one more to my taste with $100 minimum bets.


We had agreed before hand to limit our playing to no more than two hours and then to have a scrumptious meal at Rao’s, one of Las Vegas’s best restaurants.

The game was a good one as I knew it would be.  I easily kept track of the “one-two” count and set up the knockout bets to match the count

After about forty-five minutes I counted up my winning – Up $2,108.  So far, so good.  

I took a restroom break and swung by Lex’s table on my way back.  He had stacks of $500 and $1,000 chips in front of him.  He gave me one of his sardonic lopsided smiles.   There was no doubt he was in his element.  And, as usual he was cleaning up with Knockout Blackjack.

I went back to my table and after thirty minutes more I moved up to $200 bets.  This was high level betting even for me but I quickly adjusted to making higher bets and receiving the higher payoffs.

Finally, I felt like taking a break.  I colored up my chips and walked over to Lex’s table.

He was playing with $1,000 chips and had several large stacks of chips in front of him.  I noticed that Kelly had joined him and she was playing with $500 chips.  Lex just looked up and said, “Give me fifteen more minutes.”  Kelly dazzled with her million-dollar smile and gave Lex’s arm a squeeze.

I told Lex I would be at the lounge we had passed walking in.  He nodded once and I walked to the cashiers and cashed in.  

I had won $8,430 in two hours play.  While this did not beat my personal record I had to admit it had been an exhilarating ride.  I got two thousand in cash and the casino’s check for the balance and headed for the lounge.


I had just ordered a scotch and water when Lex showed up by himself.  “Where’s Kelly?”

“She wanted to visit the gift shop and told me she really didn’t want to listen to a bunch of male bonding.”

I nodded.  I believe she knows her stuff.  “How’d you do?  It looked like the table was about to run out of chips.”

“First things first.  This is a class joint.  Reminds me of a private club in London where I used to play a bit.”

“How’d you do?”  He showed me his receipt from the cashier.  It read $43,589.

My jaw almost dropped.  “You won $43,000 in two hours.”

He laughed.  “Funny thing was another chap at the table was betting $5,000 a hand and he got all of the attention.”

He laughed.  “He must have lost at least $100,000 while I was playing.  So from the casino’s perspective they were big winners.”

He laughed again and pulled out his comp slip.  “I did get unlimited comps so the meal is on me..  Let’s go to that restaurant you told me about.  What was the name, Ralphs?

“Rao’s.  I think you’ll like it.  What about Kelly?”

“I’ll call her on my mobile.  She can meet us there.”


“I am an old hand at blackjack.  I’ve have done card counting, used progressive systems, you name it.

“Knockout Blackjack is by far the best.  It is easy to learn, easy to use and a top- notch performer.

“I am a £25 bettor in the London Clubs and I easily clear £600 an hour.  As the missus says, ‘I am happier than a pigeon in Piccadilly.’”

Lloyd J. – London, England



Knockout Blackjack Blasts Through to a 96% Win Rate in Long-Term Testing!

Lex flew back  to London a week later.   We had a farewell dinner and I brought him up to date.  I was in the process of setting up a scientifically controlled long-term test of Knockout Blackjack.

While most experts just test blackjack systems using computer simulations I wanted a real world test.  I believe the only way you can learn how well a system works in real life play is to have real players use it in real casinos.

My intention was to set up a group of about twenty players who would play in online casinos as well as in casinos in the US, the UK, Germany, Australia and Macau.

I was up to fourteen players when Lex gave me his final blessin

“If you learn anything that I can use to make more money promise you will pass it on.”


“Knockout Blackjack is very effective.  I was skeptical about winning with something as simple as a ‘one-two count.’  I was wrong.  This is the best way to play and win I have ever seen

“I mainly play online. I just reached $28,000 in winnings.  There is no limit to the amount you can win with this system!”

Kenneth B. – Silver Spring, Maryland


I promised Lex, thanked him again and spent the next two weeks getting the testing off the ground.


I rounded out my test group with 22 players and assigned them different games in different locations.

Fourteen players were to play in land-based games on the Las Vegas Strip, in Downtown Las Vegas, in Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, London, Bavaria, Germany, Sydney, Australia and Macau.

The remaining players were given a list of online casinos where they would play.


Our players played at levels from $1 bets online to $25 bets in land-based games.

They played in games offering excellent playing conditions as well as games considered to be bad games by most blackjack experts.

They found the best games on the Las Vegas Strip.  The poorest games were the games played by European rules.

They recorded key information on every game they played.  They kept track of their bets, their time played and their win/loss record.

They used special tracking forms I set up for their play so that in essence I had a complete record of their play.

When the final reports were in I found that our players had played 147,805 rounds of blackjack broken down into 5,356 games.


Incredibly, they won $2,758,394 testing this system!

And, unbelievably they won 96.16% of all sessions played!


Here’s how their hourly win rates broke down:

Knockout Blackjack’s Verified  Winnings per Hour

Base Bets

Land-based (80 per hour)

Online (350 per hour)






















































Let Me Tell You What This Testing Means for You!

First, you can become a Knockout Blackjack player with lots of confidence since you will be using a system that players just like you have used in real life blackjack games.

And, you won’t have to worry about how it will perform since it delivered a rock solid 96% win rate in documented long-term testing.


Take a look at the hourly winnings shown above.

This is a good forecast of how you will do as a Knockout Blackjack player.

Take online play for example.  You can start out with as little as $20 (I’ll show you how) and win $181 an hour as a $1 player.

If you follow my plan of play you can move up to $10 betting in one hour.

As a $10 bettor you can win $1,815 an hour.


Let me clarify one thing right now.

These are not gross winning amounts with no losses deducted.

These are the net amounts with all losses deducted!

As, Lex might say, “They’re the bottom line, baby!”



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(Example: is CORRECT,
where as max1957@aol or max1957 are INCORRECT)






Knockout Blackjack Not Only Wins 96% of all Sessions, But It Wins Super Fast!

If you have even read a book about card counting you should have noticed one thing –

Card counting is pure drudgery!

A successful counter has to put in six to ten hours a day to hope to win.

That’s because card counting, when it works, is a long slow grind!


Knockout Blackjack is nothing like this

It blasts its way through every blackjack game offered today.

In long-term testing we found that it took an average of just 27 rounds of play to wrap up the average game.


Let’s put this in perspective –

In a land-based game with 80 rounds of play per hour you would wrap up a game every 20 minutes. 

You will easily complete three games an hour in a land-based casino!


Online play offers much faster games especially when its just you playing against the casino.

After a day or two of practice most players can easily play 350 rounds per hour online.

This means that your average online game will take you less than five minutes!

This will be the fastest money you have ever made.

If you like you can put in four or five online games while drinking your morning coffee!


“I just completed my third attempt to turn $20 into $1,000 in one hour.  I have succeeded three times in a row

“Knockout Blackjack has got to be the top performing blackjack system of all time!  For my money you can forget about card counting and just stick with Knockout Blackjack!”

Cecil T. – Gardena, California



Knockout Blackjack Uses a Perfected “Hit and Run” Strategy to Win Quickly and Decisively!

Knockout Blackjack’s One-Two Count is designed to quickly set up winning sequences. 

This is not a system where you have to grind away for hours to eke out a win.  Because Knockout Blackjack automatically adjusts to changing playing conditions you will set up wins no matter how the game is flowing.


Knockout Blackjack thrives on choppy games where winning hands are followed by losing ones.

Knockout Blackjack has built-in loss prevention features to ride out long losing streaks

And, when you hit a winning streak Knockout Blackjack uses a special ratchet-based system to lock up winnings as you go.


There is no blackjack game that can defeat this strategy!

And, no matter where you play you are going to blast through the game and win very quickly!


“I am now averaging $12,000 a week in blackjack winnings.  I play in a local casino for two or three nights a week.  I started out as a $5 bettor and grew my bankroll using your plan.  I am now a $100 bettor. I not only clear better than $2,000 an hour but I’ve got comps running out my ear.

“Thanks for all of your support.  You offer the best online support on the web.”

Sean M .– Kansas City, Missouri



Going on a Prolonged Winning Streak!

Knockout Blackjack wins really fast.  That’s a fact based on long-term play in blackjack games worldwide!  However, just because Knockout Blackjack wins a game blindingly fast you don’t have to quit playing or take a break after a win.

Lex Steiger doesn’t take breaks when he is playing and winning.  And, you don’t have to either.


Here’s how you can play –

Knockout Blackjack has recommended Target Wins for each level of play.  For example as a $5 bettor your Target Win is $40. 

Let’s say that you are playing online making $5 bets and you reach $44 in winnings.  Do you stop?

No.  You just Check and Reset.

By that I mean you check the number of chips you have or the balance of your account online and decide if you want to increase or Reset your level of play.  If you do you can increase the size of your bets and just keep on playing, making bets at a higher level.

If you prefer you can continue playing at the same level.


This puts you in total control of when you decide to start and stop play.

If you have been playing an hour and would like to take a break just do it! Because of Knockout Blackjack’s super fast win rate, it is easy to quit after another winning game!

On the other hand, if you have only been playing a few minutes and you win another game you don’t have to stop playing.


Just Check and Reset.  You can continue playing at the same level or Reset your play at a higher level.

This is the technique Lex uses to win so much so quickly.  He is constantly checking his winnings and resetting his bet levels as his winnings grow.

When Lex plays blackjack he is the one in control – not the system or the casino!

It’s a fabulous way to play and win.

And, I’ll show you exactly how to do it!



“Knockout Blackjack is a strong winner.  I have been using it for a month and I have won over $17,000 playing two to three times a week online.

“I am thinking about quitting work.  What do you think?”

Rod L. – Chandler, Arizona

Ed Response:  We think you should try to balance work and play a little longer.  Leaving a job is a big step and you may find that you miss going to work even though it doesn’t pay as well as playing blackjack.



Can You Handle Winning $644 an Hour In Your Favorite Land-Based Casino? 

A highly skilled blackjack card counter might win 1% an hour on his total bankroll.  To win $644 an hour he would have to risk $21,252. 

While $644 an hour is a nice return, I am not impressed with the bankroll needed.

Not too many players have $21,252 they can risk at blackjack.  And, remember, If you are risking $21,252 you can lose $21,252.

That certainly puts this in perspective!


As a Knockout Blackjack player you can get a much better return.

If you can risk $200 and play three hours I will show you how you can win $644 an hour as long as you like!

That’s quite a difference

As a card counter, you might win $644 an hour but you will definitely risk $22,252 or more.

As a Knockout Blackjack player it has been proven that you can win $644 an hour risking no more than $200.


“Knockout Blackjack is very clever.  It is the opposite of the card counting systems.  Instead of being hard to learn it is easy.  Instead of winning small amounts over long periods it wins large amounts over short periods.

“I am a huge fan of this system.  It is the most profitable I have even seen.”

Kyle B. – N Lewisburg, Ohio



The $644 an Hour Win Plan!

You can win $644 an hour risking no more than $200!  You’ll do this by growing your own bankroll. 

We recommend a Game Bankroll of $1,000 to play at the $25 level.

At this level you’ll average winning $644 an hour in a land-based game.

This is not just a theory or a possibility; it is the actual average amount players just like you won in long-term play.


Now you’re thinking –

“Wait a minute, he said $200 and now he’s talking $1,000.  What’s going on?”



Growing Your Own $644 an Hour Bankroll!

You really can win $644 an hour playing blackjack in a land-based casino!  And you can do it  risking no more than $200 even though you need a bankroll of $1,000 to win $644 an hour.

The way you’ll do this is to grow your own bankroll.  You start out as a $5 bettor with a $200 Game Bankroll.  If you have access to blackjack accepting $3 minimum bets, you can get started with just $120.


The next step is to play like Lex Steiger does and grow your own bankroll with winnings!

You’ll start out with $200 as a $5 bettor.  As soon as your bankroll grows to $320 you can move up to $8 betting.  Once your bankroll hits $400 you’ll move up to $10 betting.

Our players have used this plan over and over to grow their own bankrolls.  We kept track of their efforts and found that the average player could move up to winning $644 an hour in just three hours!


Three hours is not a lot of time!  If you wanted to follow this plan you could reach the $644 an hour winning level on your first casino visit.

I’ve recapped the levels of play below to show you just how you can grow your bankroll from $200 to $1,000 in three hours.


Land-Based Play - Plan to Grow $200 to $1,000 in
Three Hours and Become a $644 an Hour Winner!

Base Bet

Bankroll Needed for this Level of Play*

Hourly Win Rate Land-based

Win Goal

Play Time

Bankroll After Play





55 minutes






23 minutes






47 minutes






31 minutes






23 minutes






2 Hours 59 Minutes
Rounded = 3 Hours



Winning $644 an hour is very profitable.  However, you don’t have to stop there.  Most of our land-based players like to continue with the bankroll growth plan.  In just a few more hours they move up to $100 betting and win $2,576 an hour.

Think about it for a minute.  Winning $2,576 an hour using a completely proven blackjack strategy is one of the more pleasant ways you can spend an evening!


“Very impressive system.  I have been using it for three weeks without a single loss.

“I would recommend Knockout Blackjack to anyone who wants to win safely and with low stress.”

Andrew T. – Yonkers, New York



Knockout Blackjack Players Rolled Over the Blackjack Games Everywhere They Played!

Our players easily won no matter where they played!

They beat the blackjack games on the Las Vegas Strip.

They cleaned up at blackjack in downtown Las Vegas and in Reno and Laughlin.

They won large amounts playing in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

They easily cleaned up at blackjack playing in Robinsonville, Mississippi.

They pulled in record winnings in two of Atlantic City’s casinos.

They loved playing and winning at Foxwoods in Connecticut.

They felt like they struck blackjack gold playing in Oroville, California!

They easily beat the games at The Casino at the Empire in London!

They smacked down the blackjack games in the Spielbank Bayen Casinos in Germany.

They had a blast playing and winning at the Star City Casino in Sydney, Australia.

And, they found that Knockout Blackjack was the perfect strategy to beat the Asian games in Macau!


Besides winning a fortune in the land-based casinos they loved playing and winning online.

Before they started playing I gave our players a short list of the best online casinos for blackjack players.

These are the same casinos where I have played and won and our players had no problem beating the games with Knockout Blackjack.

One player told me that he was winning so fast that he felt like he was printing his own money!


“As an engineer I am a strong believer in mathematics.  Theoretically, Knockout Blackjack should not be able to win as fast as it does.  I think that its ability to change directions to follow the game allow it to perform at a much higher level than probability says it should.

“I am a satisfied player.  I have won over $37,000 playing in the online casino you recommended.”

Glen S. – Palo Alto, California



Win Automatically Using Our Exclusive Knockout Blackjack Automatic Bet Tracker!

As easy as it is to win using Knockout Blackjack, we’ve made it even easier!

Some of our players were having trouble keeping up with their bets.  We developed an Automatic Bet Tracker set up for Knockout Blackjack!


To use it you need to set up the size of your base bets.  After that that Automatic Bet Tracker – 

  • Keeps track of the one-two count.  

  • Shows you the size of each bet!  

  • Shows you when to change your bets to match changes in the game.  

  • Controls your play so that you always know exactly where you are!  

  • Keeps track of your bets and your winnings. 

  • Eliminates any guesswork so that you can instantly play just like a pro!  

The casino bosses are unhappy that Knockout Blackjack players are easily beating the most popular casino table game. 

And, they are even more unhappy that an Automatic Bet Tracker comes with each Knockout Blackjack Kit!



Get Ready to Win a Fortune Playing Blackjack!

You’ve heard about blackjack card counting for years.  That’s yesterday’s blackjack system.

The new way of beating blackjack is Knockout Blackjack!

It has a tested and verified 96% Win Rate!


If you have always wanted to break loose from working for someone else this is the key to your future success!

If you are fascinated by the idea of playing and winning from your home we’ll show you how to get started with just $20 and set up an income of $5,000 a day or more.  We’ll even tell you where to play!

If you have always wanted to play and win at blackjack in land-based games, Knockout Blackjack is the key to your future.


You can use our system to grow your own bankroll.  Starting with just $200 you will quickly move up to making $100 bets and winning over $2,500 an hour!  

Whether you prefer playing online or in land-based games we’ll show you how to do it.

One of our players said, “The easiest way to win a fortune is to become a Knockout Blackjack player!


“I am pleased to tell you that I have won $48,000 using Knockout Blackjack.  I play in Sydney, Australia, and this system performs very well.

“I have had several bosses watching me trying to figure out how I am winning so much.  Let them keep guessing

“Thanks for your help and support.  I especially appreciate Margie with your tech support.  She is not only funny but gives excellent advice.”

Thom O. – Sydney, Australia



Here’s What One Player, Les R. From Long Beach, California, Experienced –

“I started out with a $100 deposit in your number one online casino.  They matched my deposit with a $100 bonus giving me a starting bankroll of $200.

“I played two hours my first night and won $592.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was playing slow getting used to the system.  The Automatic Bet Tracker was really great, but I was still slow at first.”

“I took off a couple of days.  My next session was on a Friday night and I decided to see how much I could win playing three hours.


“I started out making $5 bets but quickly increased my bets to $10 as my winnings grew.  I found that I was playing faster and faster but always staying on top using the Automatic Bet Tracker.

“At the end of three hours I was up to $15 bets.  I couldn’t believe how much I had won – $4,389 in just three hours.


“From here I quickly moved up to making $25 bets.  
I kept track of my play at this level and found that I was averaging winning $4,135 an hour.


“Knockout Blackjack is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 
I am averaging playing ten hours a week and bringing in over $40,000 a week.

“I know this sounds crazy but I know three other players who are making more than I am.

“I never thought I would ever make over $170,000 a month but that is what is happening right now.

“Thanks for helping me with this.  This is a wonderful way to make money!”


“This is the best blackjack system I have ever seen.  It is really easy to learn and use.

“I mix playing in two local casinos and online.  Either way it is highly effective and very profitable.  Not to brag, but my winnings just went over $80,000

“Thanks for answering my emails so promptly.  You provide great support.”

Jim G. – Albuquerque, New Mexico



Here’s Some of What You Can Expect as a Knockout Blackjack Player –  

  • You will learn all about the “one-two” count and how to use it to set up winning bets no matter what the game is doing!  

  • You’ll learn how to maximize your profits using the same betting system that Lex Steiger and our successful players have done

  • You’ll discover how to instantly adjust your bets to match changes in the game as determined by the “one-two” count. 

  • You’ll discover how to go from $20 to winning $1,811 an hour the first day you play online! 

  • You’ll learn how to wrap up winning games every 15 to 20 minutes in land-based play and in less than five minutes playing online! 


  • You’ll learn how to sit down at any blackjack table and start winning anywhere the game is offered.

  • You’ll learn how to beat the online blackjack games and quickly turn online play into “pure profit play!”  



But, There’s Still More –

  • You’ll learn how to beat the online blackjack games and quickly turn online play into “pure profit play!”  

  • You’ll learn how to win $181 an hour making $1 bets online!

  • You’ll discover how to set up an income of $1,811 an hour making mid-sized bets online!

  • You’ll get all of the steps needed to become a feared blackjack pro easily wining over $2,500 an hour in your favorite land-based casino!  

  • You’ll discover how to win a fortune playing blackjack without having to leave home! 

  • You’ll gain a huge edge over every version dealt today in the world’s casinos! 

  • You’ll learn how to use the "Check and Reset" technique to extend any winning streak as long as you want! 

  • You’ll know  how to use “hit and run” techniques to quickly win and leave with your winnings intact!  


But, We're Still Not Done! 

  • You’ll discover how to grow your own bankroll in a land-based casino and then win $644 an hour just taking it easy!  

  • You’ll learn how to use the Blackjack Bet Tracker to win automatically, game after winning game! 

  • You’ll get Steiger’s Short and Simple Playing Strategy – the same one he uses to terrify the casinos! 

  • You’ll get our exclusive list of the best online blackjack casinos! 

  • You’ll discover the very best online casino where you can not only play and win but pick up $10,000 in bonuses on top of your winnings! 

  • You’ll get exclusive insider information on the very best blackjack casinos in Las Vegas! 

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I think you will agree that it is a tremendous bargain compared to any other moneymaking system you may encounter. 


When Lex Steiger and I first sat down and discussed revealing his Secret Blackjack Strategy, we thought that $500 would be a fair price. 

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  • How to play blackjack like a seasoned pro, even if you are just a beginner! 

  • How to get an edge over the house using a simple strategy!

  • How to pick a winning system that will make money consistently at blackjack!

  • How to become a winning player even if you have never played the game!

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·         Complete examples on how blackjack hands should be played and how you can use this information to your advantage. 

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·         How to avoid common playing errors.  

·         The best places to play blackjack.

·         How to detect and avoid casino cheating.

·         Why casinos put the heat on certain blackjack players and how to eliminate this risk! Everything you need to know about card counting and why it can be hazardous to your wealth.  



Bonus #3 - Insiders’ Picks – The Best Blackjack Casinos In the United States (a $40 Value)


You’ll get the names of the very best US land-based casinos for blackjack play. Our select picks include casinos in –

·         Atlantic City

·         Chicago

·         Detroit

·         The Gulf Coast

·         Iowa

·         Lake Tahoe

·         Downtown Las Vegas

·         Locals’ Casinos in Las Vegas

·         Las Vegas Strip Casinos

·         Laughlin

·         Missouri

·         Native American casinos in the Midwest

·         Native American casinos in the Northeast

·         Native American casinos in the South and West

·         New Orleans

·         Reno

·         Shreveport-Bossier City

·         Indiana

·         Tunica and Vicksburg.




Bonus #4 - Let a Casino Pay for Your Next Vacation! (a $40 Value)

This fact-filled book reveals the latest on getting casinos to literally shower you with comps. Here's just some of the information packed into this 190 page blockbuster -

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Bonus #6 – Insider Picks – The Best Online Blackjack Casinos! (a $40 Value) 

This is a select list of the best online casinos to use Knockout Blackjack and know that you are highly favored to win.

And, it is a pretty exclusive list.

Only the casinos which were the most profitable made the final cut.

Then we cut even more.    

If any of our players had had any problems whatsoever with the casino, we cut it from our list.  

We took a hard look at the type of software used in each casino

We determined which software offered us the best chances of winning.

We even compared notes on what it was like to deal with each casino.

Could we get in touch with a real human being if we had a problem or a question?

How fast did they answer emails? 

Could we talk to someone on the phone?  

In addition to winning in these casinos we also took a look at the “Quality” of our wins.

Were we
able to win consistently?

How large were our wins?

And finally, we asked the million-dollar question –

When we won,
how hard was it to get our winnings paid to us?

We didn’t cut the casinos any slack.

Only the casinos which met or surpassed our requirements of high profitability, friendliness and absolute integrity are included in this hand-picked list of our number one picks

What's more, because my students and I have played there before you and have won and been paid, you can be very sure that when you play and win, you will be treated fairly and quickly have your winnings sent to you whenever you request them.

This is like no information ever compiled about online casinos before. It is a brutally honest review from the viewpoint of persons who must rely on these casinos to be 100% fair and honest in all of their dealings with players.

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Bonus #7 - The Number One Online Blackjack Casino (a $40 Value)

This casino will become your number one choice on where to play and win at online blackjack. Here’s some of what you’ll find when we share our number one pick –

This casino offers the best online odds for blackjack and is backed by the best online software company. You won’t find any blackjack games that are fairer or that offer better odds of winning than these.

This casino offers no-hassle practice games.

This casino offers the best online support – bar none! Not only can you reach the casino personnel easily by email, they answer their phones quickly.

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This casino not only accepts US players, it welcomes them.


But, that's not all.  Knockout Blackjack Players are not only winning in this casino but picking up  $10,000 Extra in Bonuses.  

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Bonus #8 - Insider’s Report on Blackjack in Las Vegas (a $40 Value)

Have you ever sat down to play blackjack before you realized that the payoff for a blackjack was only 6:5 instead of the traditional  3:2?   You’ll never make this mistake again when you play blackjack in Las Vegas.  We have the latest information on true 3-2 games in Las Vegas.

But we go further than that.  We’ll give you complete information, such as 

·         The number of decks used.  

·         Whether the dealer hits on Soft 17s.   

·         Can you double down after splitting a pair?  

·         Can you re-split Aces?

·         The minimum and maximum bets allowed.  


And, finally we show you the actual house edge in each casino.

Don’t even think about going to Las Vegas until you get our exclusive Insider’s Report on Blackjack in Las Vegas!


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