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We Reveal the Same Systems that We Use to Consistently Beat the Casinos at Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker and Slot Machines!

  • Learn How to Turn $20 into $1,000 in One Hour with Knockout Blackjack!

  • Discover how Knockout Roulette, using the same mathematical sequence used to build the pyramids, turns the game of roulette into a source of consistent high profits!

  • Learn How Knockout Craps Players Easily Turn $60 into a Blistering $2,252 an hour playing craps! 

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Knockout Blackjack!

Knockout Blackjack is a revolutionary new way to win at blackjack without card counting.


Created by the legendary English Gambler, Lex Steiger, it has a Documented Win Rate of 96% of All Sessions!

The first time I tried it online I was able to turn $20 into $1,000 in just one hour!


If you have ever dreamed of becoming a professional blackjack player or if you would just like to win $5,000 a day sitting at home, Knockout Blackjack is the Perfect Solution!


Once You Learn the Secrets of Beating Blackjack Using the Knockout Blackjack’s “One-Two Count” You Can –   

  •  Log on to any online casino (we’ll tell you where our players play and win), deposit $20 and you’ll win $1,000 in your first hour of play (we’ll show you how)! 

  • Play in your favorite land-based game and quickly move up to winning $2,576 an hour (documented winnings) as a $100 bettor! 

  • Easily beat every version of blackjack offered today, even European Blackjack!


Instant Access to Knockout Blackjack!

I have made Special Arrangements for you to have access to the system that the casino bosses fear the most!

Knockout Blackjack simply rolls over every version of blackjack offered today whether it is a land-based or online game.  

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Knockout Roulette!

“Knock-Out Roulette is Without Equal.  In fact, Knock-Out Roulette Is So Powerful and So Consistent That There is Not a Roulette Game in the World That Can Stand Up to It!”

Would You Like to Be Able to Double Your Money Every 69 Minutes? 


Need $100?  Buy into any online roulette game for $100, play roulette using the Knock-Out Roulette Strategy and 69 minutes later you will have won $100.


Buy in for $500 and in a little over an hour you’ll win $500.

But, it gets even better –

Knock-Out Roulette never loses.  This is not just an opinion. It is fact! Tested for 5,660 games entailing 138,387 roulette spins this strategy never lost.  Not even one time!

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this truly incredible system is that Knock-Out Roulette is based on the same mathematical proportions found in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt!

Even though it is based on mathematical principles over 4,500 years old, this is the perfect strategy for beating every version of roulette offered today.

We have decided to release just 500 copies of Knock-Out Roulette to a Select Few!

Knockout Roulette uses the mysterious power found in a mathematical sequence known to the ancient Egyptians . . .

Then it far outperforms what modern day mathematicians say it should be able to do

Regardless of whether you understand why it is so powerful yet amazingly easy to use, these facts stand out – 

  • It has won 100% of its games in carefully documented real life play! 

  • It has amazingly low bankroll requirements - $76 will get you started on the road to roulette riches using this strategy!  

  • It has a sky-high win rate!  A $1 bettor can expect to consistently clear $129 an hour playing roulette online.



What's More - 


  • Any player starting with less than $100 can set up an income of $6,440 a week playing in one of our recommended online casinos.  

  • Serious roulette players easily clear $2,576 an hour playing in land-based games with virtually no risk of loss!



For the next few hours as part of a Special Test you can get Knock-Out Roulette at a Rock-Bottom Price!

If you order by (insert date) you will get this Complete Casino Pounding System at 86% off the regular price.

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Knockout Craps!

“Knockout Craps is the Best New Craps System in the Last Fifty Years!”

Anyone who can follow a few simple betting rules can learn how to turn $60 into a Blistering $2,252 an Hour income as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar!


Knockout Craps uses an ingenious combination of bets that turn every craps game into a player favorable game.

Even players who have never played the game are quickly learning how to win $5,000 a day at craps!

And, they are doing it with a system that is so good that it has never lost!


If You Have $60 You Have Enough to Win $2,252 an Hour Playing Craps!

We just finished six months of grueling testing of Knockout Craps.  Here’s just part of what we discovered –

It doesn’t take much money to win a fortune playing craps!  You can get started with just $60!

While $60 is not much money it doesn’t matter –  We’ll show you how to turn $60 into $2,252 an hour in winnings – in just 13 hours!

You can easily win $25,000 a week playing craps part time.  And you can win much more if you turn pro!



Using Knockout Craps you will dominate every craps game – no matter what the dice are doing!


Forget everything you think you know about craps play.  Winning the game is not about lucky shooters, placing and pulling bets, timing your bets or casing tables.

When you use Knockout Craps you will be using the deadliest craps system ever devised.

The casino bosses hate it and there is not a thing they can do to stop players from winning every time they play!

Start Out By Gaining an Advantage Over the Game On Every Dice Roll!

Do you know where the best bets in the casino are?

They are on the craps table.


Only craps offers Free Odds Bets

These bets are remarkable because they offer the chance to play with no house vig!


However, most players don’t know how to take real advantage of these bets.

You’ll see pass line players back up a pass line bet with odds or sometimes even double odds.

Once in a while a don’t pass bettor will lay odds.  These players usually bet larger amounts and are usually very quiet because they are betting against the majority of players.

These are two ways of playing odds bets.

And, both of them are wrong! 


Casinos Are So Confident That Players Don’t Know How to Really Make Odds Bets That They Now Offer Double, Triple and Even Five Times Odds.

Chances are you walked by a craps table that was offering five or even ten times odds.

Or, you played online in a game offering at least double odds.

But, most players don’t really know how to use these bets to full advantage and the casino bosses think they are safe.

While players may look for a table offering five times odds they are clueless as to how to take full advantage of the casinos’ generosity!



Knockout Craps Uses "Special Advantage Bets" to Turn Odds Betting Into a Way of Gaining and Keeping a Permanent Edge Over the Casinos!

The foundation of Knockout Craps is setting up Special Advantage Bets on every round of craps play.


What Are These Craps Special Advantage Bets You Wonder?

They are a unique combination of bets that use odds bets to gain an edge over the house every time they are used!

These Advantage Bets are almost never seen at the craps table.

Yet, for the few players who know how to make them, they offer the key to turning what was previously a high-risk game into a source of constant profits.

In fact, once you learn how to set up these Special Advantage Bets you will never lose at craps again!


Here Are The Facts!

Right now, players just like you are making from $4,000 to $5,000 every day playing craps. 

  • They aren’t doing it making Pass Line bets. 

  • They don’t make Come bets with Odds. 

  • They never even consider making Field Bets.

  • They don’t make hedge bets like Any Craps or Yo-leven.

  • They don’t make Place Bets! 

  • They don’t make Lay Bets or Hardway bets!

Instead of making these Conventional  Bets they use a system that is so good that anyone can win $5,000 a day playing craps (we’ll even show you how)!

It’s called Knockout Craps and it’s now being released on a limited basis.

Instant Access to Knockout Craps




Killer Gambling Strategies

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And they are winning consistently using low-risk, high return strategies proven to beat the casinos!

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We are revealing exactly how players using these “Killer Strategies” easily make $1,000, $2,000 or even $4,000 every day!

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Pick Up an Extra $10,000 Using Nine-Count Blackjack Online!  Here's How . . . 

We have found the ultimate casino for Nine-Count Blackjack Players.  The Silver Oak Casino offers an outstanding version of Two-Deck Blackjack that our players are using with great success!

But, that's not all.  They are not only winning in this casino but picking up  $10,000 Extra in Bonuses.  

Incredibly, Silver Oak Casino is offering ten 100% bonuses up to $1,000 each on the first ten deposits.  That's $10,000 just waiting for you!


Here's How To Pick Up Your $10,000 Extra!

Deposit 1.  Deposit from $50 to $1,000 and the casino will match it with a 100% bonus.  Be sure to use the code silveroak1.

Now repeat the process for the next nine deposits.  For Deposit 2 deposit as much as $1,000 and receive a full $1,000 bonus.  Be sure to enter the code silveroak2 when you make your deposit.  

(Be sure to use the deposit codes silveroak1 to silveroak10 with the code matching each of your deposits.)

Here's what Ron B. experienced playing at Silver Oak-

“I have been using Knockout Blackjack at the Silver Oak Casino.  I have had outstanding results.  In my first month I won $33,189 and received $4,000 in bonuses.

“I am thinking about quitting my job and just playing full time.  I’ll keep you posted.”

Ron B.  – Sioux City, Iowa

%$firstname$%, if Ron can do it you can too with the winning combo of Knockout Blackjack and playing at the Silver Oak Casino!







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100% Proven to Perform and 
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